What to do to have abundant eyelashes?

Excessive use of mascara for our eyelashes could weaken them and cause them to fall out. To have abundant eyelashes, they must be taken care of daily.

It is said that the eyes reflect the soul, and for women, an enchanting look is an integral part of the beauty routine. The mascara for eyelashes, extensions and other products are allying to highlight lashes abundant. In this article, we will give you some easy and economical recommendations to apply.

We will share some tips so that your eyelashes look beautiful naturally. So, to your papers and pencils, and prepare to have an impactful look in a few weeks!

Brush your eyelashes every day

Make a habit of brushing your eyelashes every day, as brushing stimulates their growth. Your blood circulation will be better, and your eyelashes will grow better. Of course, you have to be consistent, because you will not be able to have abundant eyelashes from one day to another.

To start this routine you need nothing more than an eyelash brush. Don’t bother looking for an expensive one in a beauty store, the brush of a Rimmel that you no longer use will serve very well.

This type of brush is perfect for your lashes. Make sure to remove the remnants of Rimmel and go! Brush daily before bedtime. Remember to do this while removing make-up, because by wearing make-up you could weaken them.

Apply olive oil to have abundant eyelashes
Olive oil has many benefits for our beauty. A few drops will be used to have much more shiny and healthy hair. But did you know that olive oil also helps the growth of eyelashes?

The reason is simple: olive oil helps cleanse the eyelash hair follicle. In this way, they can grow more easily and more abundantly. Also, they strengthen them, so the possibility that they fall or break is less.

  • To apply it, you just need a cotton swab dipped in a few drops of olive oil.
  • Then you have to rub your eyelashes with cotton, from root to tip. Do it with delicacy, because it should not be put in the eyes.
  • Repeat this technique every evening.

Apply chamomile
Chamomile is a plant that has many benefits for the body. It can soothe pain or inflammation and, at the cosmetic level, strengthen your hair. You can also use it to make your eyelashes longer and thicker.

  • To enjoy it, you only need to apply chamomile tea in the area of the eyelids and eyelashes.
  • Make it a daily habit to see the results in a very short time.

Eat foods with a high keratin content for lush eyelashes
Diet is also very important for healthy skin, hair and nails. Of course, eyelashes are included in this list. Keratin is part of the top layer of the skin and provides nutrients to it to be healthier.

  • Eat foods that contain or promote the production of keratin. The best foods on the list are proteins, such as fish, chicken, and eggs, or vegetables.

Apply vitamin E as coconut or almond oils

To nourish your lashes and grow them abundantly, you can also help them by applying home and natural preparations. One of them is based on vitamin E, with coconut and almond oils.


  • 3 soft capsules/vitamin E capsules
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (15 milliliters)
  • 1 tablespoon of fine oil (15 milliliters)


  • In a container, add the contents of 3 capsules of vitamin E, a spoonful of coconut oil and one of almond oil.
  • Mix well and apply with a cotton pad on your eyelids and eyelashes.
  • Repeat the procedure every day, or at least 4 times a week.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and try not to rub the area very hard. Using the preparation will help you have abundant and strong lashes.

What to do to avoid having fragile eyelashes?

  • Do not sleep while wearing makeup, especially if you are putting on mascara
  • Do not abuse mascara
  • When you remove your make-up or wash your face, do not rub your eyes hard
  • Avoid the use of eyelash straightener, it could weaken and break them
  • Avoid excessive consumption of saturated fats, as these prevent eyelash growth

By following these simple recommendations, you will notice a change in a few weeks. In addition, the use of mascara and extensions will no longer be necessary, except on a few special occasions. The best way is for your eyelashes to be beautiful in a natural way without it being necessary to apply to the products that mistreat or weaken them.