TOP 10 The highest paid actors in the world

At first, glance, being an actor may seem like the best job in the world: you are constantly pampered on set, people admire you, you travel the world and spend time with the coolest people in Hollywood!

Yet the acting profession is far more complicated than one might think. The actors must not only be in good physical shape but also have the perfect line for the film in question.

They have to memorize entire scripts and spend long periods away from home, which often interferes with their personal lives. Yet these male actors understood everything and worked hard to make their way onto the list of the 10 highest-paid actors in the world.

10 – Chris Evans – $ 34 million

Chris Evans, best known for playing “Captain America” ​​in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, had a record year at the box office. The great success of the “Avengers: Infinity War” in 2018 allowed Evans to rank 10th on this list.

Chris Evans had made $ 300,000 to shoot “Captain America,” and since the runaway success of his first superhero appearance, his fees have only increased at breakneck speed.

The last stamp touched by Evans for “Avengers: Infinity War” is more than 15 million dollars. Despite this, the actor is so popular that even at that price, it is still a bargain for Marvel Studios.

9 – Salman Khan – $ 38.5 million

Although his name is not widely known here, Salman Khan is a true Bollywood star with a career spanning over 30 years now. Its first appearance dates from 1988 and its first main role only a year later in 1989.

The multi-talented actor, producer, television personality, and Bollywood singer has more than one string to his bow. In addition to his salary for the Indian blockbuster “Tiger Zinda Hai”, Salman Khan also receives a large sum of the main brands he endorses, including Thumbs Up, Revital, Wheel, Relaxo,, and Suzuki.

To give you an idea, the movie “Tiger Zinda Hai” released in 2017 cost $ 30 million, making it one of the most expensive Indian films in history. However, it brought in $ 82 million to the Box Office, which also makes it one of the most profitable!

8 – Adam Sandler – $ 39.5 million

Adam Sandler has been on our screens since 1991, the year of his first appearance in “The Cosby Show”. Since then, he has become a true icon of comic cinema with many films ranging from “Big Daddy” to “50 First Dates” or “The Waterboy”.

But while many believe he has lost his talent, Netflix has a very different view on the matter. Indeed, they concluded an agreement with him for four films produced by Netflix between 2016 and 2018: “The Ridiculous 6”, “The Do-Over”, “Sandy Wexler”, and “The Week Of”.

Sandler would have received $ 20 million for each film, a truly astronomical sum!

7 – Akshay Kumar – $ 40.5 million

After making his Bollywood debut in 1991 with the film “Saugandh”, Akshay Kumar became a well-known Hindi actor.

He has since appeared in at least four films a year, directing his own stunts, defying death, and making a real mark on the Bollywood scene.

The award-winning actor also earns money with more than 20 brands, including Tate and Eveready.

6 – Will Smith – $ 42 million

Almost three decades later, since playing in “The Prince of Bel-Air”, Will Smith continues to enjoy the same success and continues to grow his audience thanks to his fairly recent Instagram account.

With more than 34 million subscribers, the rapper-turned-superstar has reached a whole new audience without finding the need to seek endorsements. In 2017, he raised a hefty $ 20 million for his debut in Netflix’s “Bright”.

In 2019, he also completed the remake of Aladdin as the genie. Will Smith also returned to his first love, music, by appearing on Nicky Jam’s official anthem for the World Cup, “Live it Up”.

4 – Chris Hemsworth – $ 64.5 million

Australian Chris Hemsworth more than doubled his earnings from last year, thanks to his lead roles in “Thor: Ragnarök” and “Avengers: Infinity War”. Hemsworth is also waiting for another big paycheck for resuming the role of Thor in the fourth installment in the Avengers film series, slated for release in 2020.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the chased northern god, Thor, but Hemsworth almost didn’t get the role that made him famous. In fact, the actor said he completely missed his hearing. Another actor almost had the role, Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother, Liam!

3 – Robert Downey Jr – $ 81 million

Robert Downey Jr has become one of the most respected men in Hollywood with an astonishing list of hidden credits under his belt. He is best known for his role in “Iron Man” in the epic superhero film and its aftermath has managed to collect more than $ 15 million last year alone for his role in “Spider-Man: Homecoming ”!

He also earned three times more than any of his co-stars in “Avengers: Infinity War”, while the upcoming movie “The Voyage of Doctor Doolittle” is expected to almost double his 2017-2018 earnings.

2 – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – $ 124 million

After his hilarious performance in “Jumanji: Welcome to Jungle”, it’s no surprise that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the highest-paid celebrities in the cinema.

With more than 150 million Instagram subscribers, Rock stood out from all the other players, which placed it in a separate category. In fact, he earns seven-figure social media marketing costs in addition to his marketing and promotion costs for the films in which he appears.

You could say that the road traveled by “The Rock” since its beginnings as a wrestler in WWE is immense. Today, it’s her story, her physique, and her personality that make her a highly regarded and highly regarded celebrity around the world.

1 – George Clooney – $ 239 million

Although George Clooney did not appear in any film this year, he managed to carve out first place in the role of the richest actor in 2018. And all this largely thanks to the sale of his tequila company “Casamigos” at British liquor giant “Diageo” for $ 700 million!

His production company, “Smoke House Pictures”, produced the film “Ocean’s 8”. Clooney also doesn’t hesitate to get into one or two ads after participating in a series of advertising campaigns for Nespresso.