Brittle nails: 4 natural ingredients to cure them

We invite you to discover here four natural ingredients to treat brittle nails. These natural ingredients that you probably have at home will help you solve the problem of brittle nails.

To treat brittle nails, it is essential to use nourishing products. These products will bring the strength that fragile nails need.

There are two reasons why nails can flake off:

  • The first is the prolonged contact with the water: maybe your work requires you to have your hands wet most of the time … The prolonged contact with the water weakens the nails and it shows: the nails have not seemed to be in good health
  • The second reason is a poor diet: a low level of iron and/or calcium tends to weaken the nails, which then become brittle
    If you want to fight this problem in a natural way, you are in the right place. We invite you to consult a doctor to check your iron level and your calcium level. In the meantime, discover here some natural ingredients that will help you solve the problem of brittle nails effectively.

1. Olive oil, an ally against brittle nails

Olive oil is an ingredient with many uses. Beyond its culinary use, it is not only effective for treating brittle nails; it’s also a great ally for fighting dry skin, for example.

Olive oil contains fatty acids and antioxidants, two essential characteristics to strengthen brittle nails. Among others, olive oil:

  • deeply hydrates
  • give a better look to the nails
  • brings shine
  • nourishes the cuticles

The best way to use this ingredient is to apply a small amount directly to the nails with a gentle massage. It is best to do this at night and to go to bed without washing your hands so that the oil penetrates completely into the nails.

2. Avocado oil

Avocados are fruits rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fruits are full of healthy fats, and that’s not all: avocados have other very interesting properties for treating brittle nails. Avocado oil deeply hydrates the nail by nourishing it and restructuring the scales that have formed.

You will easily find avocado oil on the market, but be aware that it is also possible to apply the avocado paste directly on the nails. You just need to mash an avocado in a container so that you get a paste. Once the paste is obtained, apply it to your nails by performing a gentle massage.

3. Garlic, an excellent ally for treating brittle nails

You may have heard of garlic polish, a treatment for brittle nails. Nevertheless, there is a more natural option: garlic itself. Garlic is one of the best ingredients for strengthening nails. This ingredient has antimicrobial properties that will be of great help if the cause of brittle nails is onychomycosis.

You can use this remedy every day. All you need to do is chop a few cloves of garlic, then soak them in a container filled with water; let it sit for a while. You just have to soak your hands in the container for about ten minutes. Then allow your nails to air dry to extend the benefits of this ingredient.

4. Castor oil

The last ingredient on our list to treat brittle nails is castor oil. Thanks to its fatty acids, castor oil helps moisturize the nails by penetrating the different layers and reinforcing each of them.

Just like olive oil, all you need to do is apply a little castor oil directly to your nails with a gentle massage. The ideal is to do this every day if you want to see real improvement quickly.

Some additional advice…

You have just discovered some natural ingredients to treat brittle nails. But it’s just as important to apply the following additional tips to speed up the healing process and prevent it from recurring.

  • Use gloves when your hands should be in contact with water for prolonged periods. Gloves will help protect your nails and prevent the problem of brittle nails
  • If your nails break due to nutritional deficiencies, it is essential that you improve your diet. For this, we advise you to use the services of a nutritionist who will be able to advise you appropriately
  • Whatever the cause of this problem, you can use the ingredients listed as part of a beauty routine to hydrate your nails and keep them healthy. These ingredients are effective at all times, not just when your nails are brittle

Have you ever used any of the ingredients listed to treat brittle nails? Were you satisfied with the result? If you have never tried these tips, we hope that you will decide to do so in order to verify for yourself their benefits.