Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s success story makes all young girls dream. Born in Florida, she landed a role at 15 in a musical, on Broadway. Thanks to the power of her voice, she even becomes one of the main actresses in a successful teen sitcom.

It is thanks to the videos that she posts on Youtube, where she takes songs from Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, that she earns her vocal singing stripes. In 2013, Ariana Grande’s debut album was a hit in the United States. Fighting against sexism, taking responsibility for your body, this is the message that she wishes to send to young people.

And it’s a success! Ranked among the most influential figures by several American magazines, the singer with the ponytail and rabbit ears has more than 177 million followers on Instagram.

Her outspokenness, her simplicity, and her humor touch the hearts of young people. We still remember his involvement after the terrorist attack that took place after his concert in Manchester in 2017.